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Anesthesia Bust (Various Editions) APs *LOW STOCK*


The classically styled veiled bust of Anesthesia was inspired by the incredible marble work of Raffaele Monti (1818–1881).

The original piece was sculpted by Doktor A in 2014 as a high end art sculpture. Now 3D Retro have transformed her into a stylish and affordable addition to your home decor.

Each of these 12" tall busts comes in a window box and has an edition run of only 50 pieces.

The APs are signed and numbered on the underside of the base (Edition of 5).

Black "Eelmarsh" Edition AP of 5.
Crimson Red "Allerdale" Edition AP of 5.
Rusted Steel "Chillingham" Edition AP of 5.

Anesthesia has be coerced into a disagreeable arrangement.
Her father is a dealer in dreams.
Thus he must procure stock. To this end he employs the services of one Hugo Crane, a person with a unique ability to extract dream essence from unsuspecting victims.
But sometimes a specific target is required, the dreams of a certain person requested for a fee by another.
Sometimes that target must be induced to sleep so their nocturnal imaginings may be harvested.
And this is where poor Anesthesia is forced to aid her father’s underhand cooperative.
You see Anesthesia is able to induce slumber with a simple song.

White edition (AP) now SOLD OUT.
Bronze Verdegris (AP) now SOLD OUT.

For the regular editions visit www.3DRetro.com

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