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Mechtorian Stereoscopic Society Deluxe Set. -LAST ONE- *FREE SHIPPING*

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Introducing an adventurous new print set from Doktor A.

A collection of ten cards showing stereoscopic images of "life" on Mechtoria.
For the first time viewers anywhere can witness the magical sense of being in the presence of the retrobotic denizens of Retropolis. This new print set shows off the delightful sculptural characters in a totally new way. Showcasing the physicality of the pieces and placing them in real world environments. The stereoscopic (Three Dimensional) nature of the images pulls the viewer into the surreal world of the Mechtorians unlike any depictions seen before. Short of an actual trip to their far off world, this is the best way yet to experience their wonder.

The Mechtorian Stereoscopic Society was established in the early years of habitation on Mechtoria by Tiberius Shutterbug. The idea of the society was to capture images of the flourishing new world in the most realistic way possible. To this end Tiberius constructed photographic equipment able to capture images in three dimensions to best convey the wonder of their new surroundings and the many retrobotic characters which inhabited it.

The image cards are formatted to fit the popular "OWL" viewer, produced by the London Stereoscopic Company and designed by Brian May (Queen Guitarist and lifelong fan of stereoscopic photography). They can also be viewed in most classic card viewers, with hand-held viewers and with the "free viewing" method.

Card size 178mm X 94mm (7" X 3.75" approx).

The set has images of :
Tiberius Shutterbug
Mr. Hammer & Mr. Smith
Tod Amblesson
Wetherspoon's Day Spa
The Abandoned Woman
Carter P.
Horace Mooch - Moustache Maker
Arbuthnot Wince - The Poisoner
Marcus Warren Entwhistle
Ronald "Buzzby" Flashman

The Deluxe Set contains:
The full set of ten image cards suitable for viewing on most classic stereoscopic card viewers, contained in a re-sealable, hand embellished envelope with an information sheet describing the characters depicted.
Plus the "OWL" stereoscopic viewer from the London Stereoscopic Company. This unique, adjustable, focusing viewer is crafted in sturdy, high quality injection moulded plastic and folds flat for storage and travel in a convenient folder.


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