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Thomas Nosuke Altair Edition AP Sofubi *FREE SHIPPING*

£135.00 / Sold Out

This is the AP for the Sofubi toy Thomas Nosuke produced by Tomenosuke.

The Altair Edition (exclusive to 3D Retro in America.)
This version is a translucent glittery black with silver parts.
N.B. This AP version has hand embellished silver eyes which the regular edition does not.

This is my first Japanese vinyl toy.
A real Japanese robot toy!

Styled after the 1950's tinplate Japanese toys which were often in turn styled after Robby the Robot from the film Forbidden Planet.

Made in Japan from Japanese soft vinyl : "Sofubi".
The figure is 8" tall and has several points of articulation.
Each comes with an art card of the original painting for this character.

This edition comes packaged in a vintage styled card box inspired by early Japanese toy robot packaging.

There are only 5 APs of each version. Signed and numbered on the underside.
There are 40 pieces in the total run edition.