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Enamel Pin Badges *FREE SHIPPING*


A selection of character Pin badges. Made in the traditional was with antiqued metals and Enamel infill.
Sets are available at a discount.

"Mandrakes" :
Mayday is a magical time.
A liminal time.
A dangerous time!
On this night the Mandrake roots scramble free of the soft earth.
And dance in the light of the first moon of Spring.
They sing their unearthly, piercing songs,
And cavort in wild circles in the twilight.
To hear them brings madness.
To spy them brings doom!
Beware on your nocturnal ramblings!
Less you witness things not easily un-seen.

From The Art Pin Collection.

Four versions are available:
Brass & Greens
Brass and Yellows
Copper and Reds
Steel and Purple

Each pin is 1.5" tall and has two fasteners. Each comes carded.

"Tin Woodsman's Heart":
An iconic clockwork heart.

1.25" in height and comes carded with two fasteners for extra security.

Three versions are available:
Brass & Greens
Copper and Reds
Steel and Purple

The carnivorous fungus.
As made popular on many Customised toys by Doktor A. Also a best selling Dunny from Kidrobot and an official Android figure from Google.

The toothsome character is available here as a 1" diameter Black Nickle and Hard Enamel pin.
Each comes carded and bagged with a black rubber pin back.

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