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Mechtorian Enamelled Pin Badges *FREE SHIPPING*


Relief cast in real metal, polished and partly enamel filled to give a classic Vintage look.

Stephan LePodd, teal with purple fez.
Stephan LePodd, black with Red fez.
Stephan LePodd, sepia with orange fez.
Stephan LePodd, Greens.

Sir Shilling Copperpenny ( Edition of 100 of each ):
A. Antiqued Brass with Green hat, tie and eyes and Grey whiskers.
B. Antiqued Silver with Red hat, tie and eyes and White whiskers.
C. Antiqued Copper with Dark Red hat, tie, eyes and whiskers. (SOLD OUT)
D. Polished Silver with Black face and Purple hat. tie and eyes.

Each pin is approx 1″ across and has a clasp pin fixing on the rear.
Each piece comes bagged on a display card.
Numbered edition pins have their unique number etched into the back of the pin.

Sets of 4 Stephan LePodd pins are also available at a discount.

Also available is ONE complete set of all 25 pin badges so far produced. This is the last full sets there is. An instant full collection. Four each of : Original Design, Bella DelaMere, Ed Geers, Stephan Top Hat, Stephan Fez, Sir Shilling Copperpenny and an Anesthesia.


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