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Studley Billund Steel Lego Compatible Mechtorian Figure *Free Shipping*


2" tall Lego compatible Mechtorian Mini Figure made by Crazy Bricks.

ABS injection molded Custom Head with printed eye detailing, custom tall tophat.
Custom printed torso and buzzsaw hand make this an incredible limited edition minifigure.

This version comes in shades of Steel, Grey and Black with Purple accents.

Studley Billund had a dream.
A dream of total compatibility between all Mechtorians.
He dreamed of a world where people could help each other by lending a hand, a whole arm. a leg or whatever part was needed at the time. A world where people could come together to build something greater than themselves by combining their unique abilities and unique parts for the greater good.
But people told him he was just playing.
His ideas were the dreams of a child.
He listened to them…..
Now he makes the most popular toy system in the world.

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